Area Worksheets – 2nd Grade Math Worksheets

Using these area worksheets for 2nd grade is a great way to engage a young mind.

These awesome math worksheets challenge the student to find the area of a shape in a few different ways.

They seek to teach a child the ability to find or solve the total are in square inches using different variations of the question and different forms of square shapes.

Area worksheets for 2nd grade. Fun 2nd grade math worksheets.

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In one problem they must shade in the total given area and in another challenge they have to figure out a total given area of a particular part of the shape.

The worksheets are designed using different forms of area finding problems using squares. These geometry worksheets are also not too complicated but still challenging and fulfilling to the student.

Area Worksheets for 2nd Grade

In this free 2nd grade math worksheet pack you will get these sheets:

Area Worksheet Number One

Kids will have to count the squares to write correct area number.

Area Worksheet Number Two

In this sheet they will have to color the given area of each shape.

Area Worksheet Number Tree

Kids will have to circle the shape with most area and write that into the box.

Area Worksheet Number Four

In this sheet they will have to draw the given area into the mesh.

When teaching a child about finding the area of a space, these printable area worksheets are the best.

Worksheets can be a teacher’s best friend.

2nd Grade Math Worksheets

They challenge their thoughts and exercise their problem solving skills. They are also a great way to get a little peace and quiet.

They can be printed out and used in class or if you are home schooling you can even laminate them and use them over and over again.

They are a great way to captivate your students so you can get that 5 minutes of quiet so you will be able to get those papers graded, too.

They are best suited for students in second grade and up, the challenges are tailored toward that level of learning.

Free printable Math Worksheets - 2nd grade worksheets

Print These Area Worksheets

Get your Find the Area Worksheets – in Inches here.

Grab your Find the Area Worksheets – in Centimeters here.


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