Place Value Worksheets for 1st Grade

Learning to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc. in several different ways can help with the frustration that can come from only learning one specific way. This is where printable Place Value Worksheets For 1st Grade will come into play.

The place value worksheets for 1st grade are great for teachers or parents who have 1st graders and want to make learning place values fun.

Place Value Worksheets for 1st Grade

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Mathematics is very important in a young child’s educational development. From counting apples, stairs, to how many vegetables they ate, or how much money is in their piggy bank, math is a part of life.

Place Value Worksheets for 1st Grade

Free Printable Place Value Worksheets for 1st Grade

It depends on the child of how far they will go with their math skills. Having printable to get the ball rolling is a fantastic idea partnered with blocked cubes for demonstration purposes.

These free worksheets for kids that teach about place values are perfect for kids in 1st grade. They will be able to identify the numbers and break them down in such a way in order to receive the correct numerical results.

The first page of the printable is to write out the tens and ones of the blocks shown.

Place Value Worksheets 1

The second part of the printable asks the student to color the blocks and then give the correct place value in the box above.

Place Value Worksheets 2

The third part instructs the student to write out the value shown with the blocks.

Place Value Worksheets 3

And the fourth part of the printable shows numbers and has two boxes for the tens and the ones. The student then determines how many sets of tens are in the number and how many ones are in the number.

Place Value Worksheets 4

There are several fun activities that can be paired with the 1st-grade worksheets for maximum learning results.

You can laminate them and use a dry erase marker for the values or even the colors.

Mix and match the colors for better visual effects and learning.

Another activity is to pair the printable with blocked cubes. This way your child can feel and see how many blocks there are.

You can also reverse the student-teacher role to gauge how well the student is understanding what is in front of him.

Place Value Worksheets

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