Banana Riddles

Bananas, sunny, yellow delights that find their way into lunchboxes and snack times are about to reveal a whole new side – a side filled with mystery, giggles, and brain-teasing riddles. These banana riddles for kids are great to include in your kid’s lunch boxes or to use when you want to give your little ones a little fruit-themed brain exercise.

We created a collection of What am I banana riddles for you that have one thing in common – the answer to all of them is bananas.

Banana riddles for kids

Banana Riddles for Kids

Ready to give your kids a proper challenge? Here are more than 10 different riddles with bananas as the answer.

Riddle: I’m a fruit that monkeys adore, yellow and sweet; I’m never a bore.

Riddle: I’m a curved fruity delight, in a bunch or alone, a portable snack, easy to own. What am I?

Riddle: I’m yellow outside, soft inside, A lunchbox favorite, enjoyed worldwide. What am I?

Riddle: I’m not a grape, I’m not a cherry, a long yellow fruit, don’t be wary.

Riddle: I’m a fruit that’s often in a bunch, a yellow snack for a quick lunch. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a yellow snack that’s easy to peel, a tropical delight with a delicious appeal. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a long, yellow fruit, a favorite find, a healthy snack for all humankind. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a long yellow delight, not too fancy; peel me back for a snack that’s chancy.

Riddle: I’m a sweet yellow fruit with skin to peel, a snack that’s simple, a fruity zeal. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a tropical snack, easy to peel, Yellow and sweet, my appeal is real. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a yellow wonder, a curved delight; in a fruit bowl, I catch the light. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a fruit with a curve, not a straight line, In a fruit salad or as a snack, that’s where I shine. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a fruit that’s peeled with ease, A monkey’s favorite, swinging in trees. What am I?