Dog Riddles for Kids

This collection of dog riddles for kids of all ages is absolutely tail-wagging! Have the little ones explore the playful wordplay on man’s best friend, one clever clue at a time. With this collection of What am I riddles, rhymes, and wordplay where the answer is always a dog (or a puppy), you will find just the right one for your kids to enjoy.

These dog riddles are perfect for including in your kids’ lunch boxes, for scavenger hunts or just to have some fun time solving riddles.

Dog riddles for kids

Dog Riddles for Kids

Ready to give your kids a proper challenge? Here are more than 10 different riddles with dog as the answer.

Riddle: I bark and wag, always full of cheer, playing fetch, I bring joy near. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a furry companion, not a cat, loyal and loving, I’m where it’s at. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a pet that loves to chase, in the backyard, I set the pace. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a furry critter with a bark, I love playing in the park, from dawn to dark. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a four-legged friend, fluffy and true, I fetch the stick, something I’m always ready to do. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a creature with fur and paws, a loyal friend without flaws. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a pet with a friendly bark, in the yard, I leave my mark.

Riddle: I’m a friend with fur and a collar tag, chasing my tail in a playful zigzag. What am I?

Riddle: I come in breeds, big and small, I’m a friend who loves to play ball. What am I?

Riddle: I guard your house, a furry protector, With a bark that says, “I’m the director.” What am I?

Riddle: I’m not a cat, but I am a pet, I don’t purr, I’m your friend, loyal for sure. What am I?

Riddle: I’m known for tricks, like sit and stay, A companion that brightens your day. What am I?

Riddle: I love belly rubs, I love to play, I’m a companion every day. What am I?