Easter Paper Mache Chick

With Easter approaching chick crafts are all the rage (along with cute little bunnies). We’ve made quite a few but this one proved to be one of the more fun ones! It looks great and as it’s hollow inside so you can also use it to hide things – perfect for Easter egg hunt.


Easter Paper Mache Chick

There are a few stages for this project and depending on your child’s skills and patience (!) you”ll have to decide what they’ll be making and what will be your job.

What you will need

  • paper (newspaper, tissues,..)
  • paper mache glue (I usually make mix white flour with water – there are lots of other recipes for this online)
  • balloon
  • yellow paper
  • egg carton
  • colors (tempera, acrylic,…)
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • scissors

Make the paste and blow up the balloon. Whenever we do a paper mache project that requires a balloon I like to use a “stand” – in this case an empty cappuccino tin. It makes the process a lot easier and less messier.

Tear up the paper to strips, dip them in paper mache glue and apply them on balloon. We usually do 2 to 3 layers. It dries slowly so if your kids don’t like to wait I suggest you prepare this beforehand.

Once dried pop the balloon and color the soon to be chick yellow.


It’s time to make the wings! Have the kids trace their (or your) hands and cut it out. Glue the wings on the soon to be chick.

Next comes the beak. It’s made out of the pointy part of the egg cartoon and colored orange.

Last but not least add some googly eyes (or draw on the eyes).