DIY Fun Fishing Game For Kids With Stencils

Let’s Go Fishing!

Fishing games have been super popular even when I was a kid and I had it!

I loved it and loved playing with it (this game is super great for developing fine motor skills).

 DIY Fun Fishing Game For Kids With Stencils

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But even as a kid I could see it’s limitations – it was small and when I managed to break a few parts there were no replacements and my parents weren’t all that keen on getting me a new one.
But there is a simple solution to this problem – you can make a DIY version (with the help of your kids naturally – this will make a great fish activity!).

What You’ll Need

  • Fish Stencils to Color (and coloring pens)
  • Fishing Stick (straw, skewer, branch or anything else you can find at home)
  • Magnet (I used an old fridge magnet)
  • Paper Clips (we’ve got the ones that are covered with a thin rubber layer)
  • String

*We Have Many Many More*

And How You’ll Make It

First print the fish stencils and have your kids go crazy coloring them – this is always a fun activity for them don’t you agree?

Next comes the cutting!

If your kids are skilled with scissors they can cut the fish themselves (the bigest stencil is pretty easy) if not you know who’s got to do it :).

Put one paper clip on each fish (you can secure it with some glue if you want to).

Now to the fishing rod!

Tie a string on a stick. At the end of the stick tie on a magnet and secure it with glue (I used white elmer’s glue and it worked like a charm).

Ready? Fish!

 DIY Fun Fishing Game For Kids With Stencils
I’ve made several fish stencils – small, medium and big so you can make different sizes of this game (medium ones are perfect for fishing fish on the floor while being on the sofa – tried and true 🙂 – get fish stencils