Free Opposite Words Printables

Learning the antonyms can be a fun activity, so why not start with those word pairs right away and expand your kid’s vocabulary with a help of these lovely and free opposite words printables.

The printable has 3 different pages of opposite words exercises. Each one of them includes 3 pairs of opposite words described with some nice images.

This pack is perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.


Free Opposite Words Printables

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Opposite Words Printables

So let’s start with the first page. Your kids will learn to differentiate the opposite words such as big and small (a fish).

The next two pairs are long – short (a caterpillar) and high – low (a flying bee).

Continue with the antonyms: in – out (a hen in the box), hot – cold (desert and some snowy trees) and fast – slow (a rabbit and a turtle).

And on the last page, the young learners will get to know the opposites of words: dry – wet, on – under and full – empty.

These basic antonyms are commonly used in our everyday life, so your children may already know some of them. Even if they have some previous knowledge, they will surely enjoy coloring the cards and strengthen their skills.

They can also play a matching game or a memory game. Just turn over all of the cards and try to find where the pairs are hidden.

If your kids love playing the game, we do recommend laminating the cards after they are colored to make them last even longer.

So, print out this cool and free pack of opposite words and let the vocabulary fun begin once more.

Lovely Free Opposite Words Printables

Print These Opposite Words Printables

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