Printable 2018 Calendar Paper Cubes

We got another awesome printable pack for you and your kiddos. With the new year approaching, we would like to share a lovely set of Printable 2018 Calendar Paper Cubes.

Create your own 2018 calendars using our new templates.
Free Printable 2018 Calendar Paper Cubes

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Ready to start?

Print out the templates and let’s make our cube calendars!

Printable 2018 Calendar

You will get 4 unique 2018 calendar cubes in this printable pack.

There are 2 sets of each pack – a calendar starting on Monday, and one starting on Sunday.

Each calendar cube includes 4 months, so to cover the whole year, you will get to make 3 cubes.

DIY Calendar Cubes 2018

The first printable 2018 calendar paper cubes pack is a lovely calendar with thematic images.

You will see a fox in January, a swan in February, some flowers in March, and two ladybugs in April.

The next cube has two butterflies in May, a seahorse in June, two seashells in July, and 2 sunflowers in August.

On the last cube, you will get some mushrooms and fallen leaves in September, bats in October, a pear, and a chestnut in November, and a reindeer in December.

The second version is a pack of abstract calendars, where each cube is decorated with a seasonal color.

So, let’s print out your favorite version, cut the template and glue the cubes together.

Use a craft stick to create some nice crisp folds.

You can place each one on top of the other, and turn the cubes around as the months go by.

Printable Calendar 2018 Cubes


Get Your Printable 2018 Calendar Paper Cubes

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Grab your free Abstract Calendar 2018 Cubes – Starting on Monday here.

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