Child Led Toilet Paper Roll Construction Craft

We are toilet paper roll hoarders… And egg carton hoarders… And well pretty much anything that has the potential to be recycled into an kids activity later on which is to be honest pretty much everything. We often do cute creations but sometimes you just don’t know in which direction you wish to go with your rolls and that’s why I think you are going to love this idea my “better” half came up with.
 Child Led Toilet Paper Roll Construction Craft
This is such a simple project to set up and will allow for hours of play and replay. You can leave the rolls as they are, color them or have the kids color them. On the picture you see all of them are the same length but you can cut some of them short to give even more diversity.


Let’s make it shall we? So you’ve got a bunch of toilet paper rolls now you need a 1 hole paper punch – you can get it in pretty much every craft store, office supplies store and I’ve seen it in dollar stores. It’s a thing you can easily live without but once you have it you won’t be able to live without it, well not really but it is useful in so many projects – for kids and grown ups.

I’ve punched 4 holes on each side of the toilet paper roll but you can easily make more.


Now that you have your holes you can either color the rolls or leave them as they are. All you need to get the fun started is to add a bunch of pipe cleaners that will be used to connect the rolls.

Sit back and relax as you watch your kids do all kinds of fun creations – from bridges, humanoids (is it a human? is it a robot?), animals…

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