Toilet Paper Roll Cars

Another roll another craft! This time we decided to make lightning fast racer cars with wheels that actually move! A fun toilet paper roll craft to make and a great DIY toy to play with afterwards.

 Toilet Paper Roll Cars

What you will need;

  • toilet paper rolls
  • cardboard (not to thin, not to thick – just make sure it can be cut easily)
  • drinking straws
  • glue, scissors
  • 1 hole paper punch
  • colors
With a paper punch punch 2 holes on each end of the roll. I first made them at the middle of the roll but soon realized my wheels wouldn’t touch the “floor” and roll this way so I made another set of holes a bit under the centre (even if you punch more holes it still looks great).

Have the kids color the toilet paper.

Cut drinking straws. When you thread them through the holes there should be about an inch (2 cm-ish) of them sticking out on each side.


Cut out the wheels out of cardboard – two circles for each wheel. I used a color bottle cap as stencil. Punch a hole in the centre of one circle. Insert the straw through the hole and cut it as shown on the picture.

Before applying the glue bend the cut straw stripes. Apply glue and cover with another cardboard circle. You have your first wheel! Rinse and repeat until all wheels are done.

We made the car seats when all our racers were assembled but thinking back it would be a lot easier if this was done before wheels were added. Live and learn.

Bling up! Add car spoilers, color the wheels, add stripes, stars…