Gifts for 8 Year Olds

Browse through these kid and parent approved picks of gifts for eight year olds.

There’s something for pretty much everyone on this list – from games for the whole family to enjoy, through science kits for them to have fun while learning cool new things to books and book making kits (my personal favourite). There’s also something for the artsy kid and something for the kid that loves being active. While I think all toys are great for both genders I’ve also compiled a list of gifts for 8 year old girls (for the “girly girls”) and a list of gifts for 8 year old boys (for “boyish boys”) – both gift guides full of STEAM, sporty and just for fun ideas for both genders.

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Let’s Have Some Fun with Toys and Gifts 8 Year Old Should Have

Make Your Own Book! Kit
This right here is the most awesome gift if you ask me! This kit lets your kids create their own book – story and pictures and all and once they are done the company that made this kit sends them a copy of their book published as any other book on the bookshelf – they become a published authors!
What a great way to encourage creative writing!

A Book Set
Getting one book is great but getting a book set is even better! Wayside School Boxed Set includes 3 book and they are super fun to read (I think both readers and non-readers will like them). What’s great about these is that each chapter of every book is like a mini stand alone story.

Ripstik Caster Board
This board will keep them super active! It’s really fun to ride once you get a hang of it (do try it out!) and it allows for way more control than skateboards of “our” time did. Also grab a pair of knee and elbow pads (and a helmet) as safety does come first.

Video Games – Pokemon!
Most 8 year old kids love to play video games so getting a new game or a game console if they don’t have it will make them happy for sure. One of the most popular titles is without a doubt the Pokemon series (I played these as a kid too and still do sometimes – don’t tell anyone haha – but I do love the fact something that started when I was a kid is still super popular today). Pokemon Alpha Saphire and Omega Ruby are the latest games in the series and are on a lot of kids wishlists.

Big Bag of Science
Let’s not forget about the science! I think science kits make a great gift and there are so many great ones to choose from covering all fields of science. For something general (and super colorful to appeal to those that aren’t all that into science) I think this Big Bag of Science is a great pick.

Snap Circuits Jr
This is another toy that every household should have (or a similar version). Snap Circuits Jr. kit lets your kids build over 100 projects like a light switch, fan, a flying saucer, police siren and many others.
All parts easily “snap” together so they are great for young hands and as there are no wires the finished projects look really clean (no wrapped wires) and therefore easier to use to teach kids about electricity and circuits.

Bounce-Off Game
16 balls – endless fun! This game is so addictive – the goal is to make a pattern (that’s on a activity card) with the balls by bouncing them into the game grid. Lots of fun for the whole family (this will be the reason for many family game nights).

Bike Brightz Safety Light
Most 8 year olds love riding their bikes and now you can make their bikes look super awesome (while making them safer too). Bike Brightz safety do just that – they come in many different colors and will make their bike stand out.

Last but not least something for the creative and artsy kids. Spirograph set will let them make many fun designs in minutes. They will be able to decorate their notebooks or just “doodle” and experiment with different colors and different shapes. This set has more than 45 pieces so there’s really a lot of ways to make unique designs.

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