Gifts for 10 Year Olds

Browse through these kid and parent approved picks of gifts for ten year olds.

There’s quite a few fun things you can gift to a 10 year old – you could go with something sporty if they like playing sports (and a lot of them do), fun puzzles that will help them learn the history of USA while having a lot of fun, you’ll find something for the science loving kid and quite a few ideas for the creative ones! Be sure to also check the gifts for 10 year old girls list as it features a lot of things girls at these age as for and a list of gifts for 10 year old boys for some of the boy’s picks!

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Doodle Pillowcase 
Doodle Pillowcase will make a great and unique gift (there’s also bedding available) as this pillowcase comes with washable textile markers which let your kids create fun designs on it – drawings, notes whatever they want and once the pillowcase comes out of the washing they can do it all over again – it’s like having a new pillowcase each and every time it comes out of the washer.

4D USA History Puzzle
Now this is a clever puzzle and a great learning (and fun) gift for 10 year olds! I like the USA version the most although you have more options to choose from (New York, Chicago, Paris…). This puzzle lets the kids build it in 4D (3D + time) and while they are putting it together they learn about the history of the USA and all of the important landmarks.

Stop Motion Movie Making Kit
You will have to agree that 10 year olds are full of creative story ideas that are just waiting to be filmed so why not get them a stop motion movie making kit that let’s them bring their fiction to “reality”.

Crystal Growing Set
Let’s do some science! Crystal growing is a fun process – your kids will be able to grow all kinds of different minerals (in a pretty short time) and learn about crystal structure and geometry as well as some chemistry. There are a lot of different crystals to grow so they will be able to display them once they are finished or gift them to their friends (and family).

Personalized Sporting Goods
If you have an sport loving 10 year old in your home a personalized sports equipment will make a great gift for them. Something like this customizable mini hoop which they can have in their room. You can place whatever image or sign on it and make it really cool.

World Globe
Oh the places to go! My father had a world globe and it was one of my favourite things in our home. Me and my friends would spin the globe stop it with a finger and checked where the finger landed. We would then talk about how cool it would be to travel there and what we would do it we went there. A great gift for learning about geography too!

DVD’s or BluRay Discs
DVD’s are a popular pick – I’d personally recommend Harry Potter box set if they don’t have it already. A good movie will be a great gift for the whole family (movie nights with popcorn and soda are always fun).

Let’s Not Forget the Crafty Kids
Now I know in general girls are more keen on crafts than boys are (not a rule though) so I thought about a craft kit that will really appeal to both genders and I think this Etch-A-Tag Engraver will be welcomed with open hands. It lets the kids design, engrave and paint their own metal tags and only the sky is the limit when it comes to the designs – can be something as cute as a kitty or as fierce as a pirate!

Mindflex Duel Game
Now this is something interesting. A fun game that requires you to concentrate in order to make the ball levitate?! Pure awesome! There are so many ways I could describe this toy but in the end the best thing is to see how it works so that’s why you can watch the Mindflex Duel Game review to see it by yourself.

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