Gifts for 9 Year Olds

Browse through these kid and parent approved picks of gifts for nine year olds.

I really do hope these ideas will help you find just that one perfect gift that will bring a smile on their precious faces. You’ll find some of the most asked for toys by kids, quite a few picks that encourage learning, something for creative minds and something for those who like sports. In essence something for pretty much everyone (or at least an idea in which direction to go). While I do believe all toys are great for every kid I do know some girls are more girly and some boys more boyish than others to I’ve also created a list of gifts for 9 year old girls and a list of gifts for 9 year old boys.

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Something for The Creative Writer
This one wins the “gift of the year” award in my book. This brilliant kit lets your kids create their own written (and ilustrated) masterpiece from start to finish – and when I say finish I mean the company that made this kit sends the published book to your doorstep! Can you imagine how proud the kids will feel when they hold their own book in their hands?

Electronic Snap Circuits 
I had a kit much like this one (with wires not these cool snap circuits though) and I think this is a must toy for every kid – boy and girl alike. These kinds of kits help the kids understand electronics and I really believe they help making learning about electronics much easier.

Minecraft LEGO
Got a Minecraft & LEGO fan at home? These new kits are just amazing! The kids will be able to bring their virtual world to reality with Steve and Creepers and all! There are a lot of fun Minecraft sets available in many price ranges so you’ll be able to pick out just the right one.

A fun game for the whole family (of a bunch of 9 year olds)! This game is awesome for many, many reasons – first thing I really like about it is that it’s designed for 1 to 4 players so when kids get bored they can also play this solo and believe me it’s fun to play solo too! It’s all about finding the balance (and having steady hands) to place the rods on the structure and not have it collapse.

Big Bag of Science
Let’s not forget about the science! I think science kits make a great gift and there are so many great ones to choose from covering all fields of science. For something general (and super colorful to appeal to those that aren’t all that into science) I think this Big Bag of Science is a great pick.

Shoot Again Basketball – For the Sporty Kid
If you have an active 9 year old at home why not get them something sporty? If they don’t already have a basketball hoop in their room this one is pretty great as it “returns” the balls that go into the hoop.

Paper Flying Dragons
Some kids at this age love all things fantasy and if yours is one of those kids (I was!) their will love this book of beautifully illustrated foldable dragons (12 of them) that actually fly!

Let’s Not Forget the Crafty Kids
Now I know in general girls are more keen on crafts than boys are (not a rule though) so I thought about a craft kit that will really appeal to both genders and I think this Etch-A-Tag Engraver will be welcomed with open hands. It lets the kids design, engrave and paint their own metal tags and only the sky is the limit when it comes to the designs – can be something as cute as a kitty or as fierce as a pirate!

Last but not least something for the creative and artsy kids. Spirograph set will let them make many fun designs in minutes. They will be able to decorate their notebooks or just “doodle” and experiment with different colors and different shapes. This set has more than 45 pieces so there’s really a lot of ways to make unique designs.

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