Gifts for 11 Year Olds

Browse through these kid and parent approved picks of gifts for eleven year olds.

I do hope you’ll find these ideas useful and that they will send you on a path to get that one ultimate gift to make the kiddos happy. As boys and girls at this age can vary quite a bit in their interests I’ve also made a list of gifts for 11 year old boys and a list of gifts for 11 year old girls.

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Let’s Have Some Fun with Toys and Gifts 11 Year Old Should Have

They don’t have to be much into science to enjoy the microscope. Exploring the micro world around us is quite exciting and as most of microscopes today come with a USB camera that plugs into the computer showing their discoveries to others is even easier.

Gummy Candy Maker
I’ve only met a handful of kids that don’t like eating gummy candy so chances are your 11 year old will really, really love this one! Plus it will make these tasty treats a little bit healthier.

Guitar Starter Pack
If your kid doesn’t play any instruments maybe this is the right time to get them started and from my experience guitar is still number one pick.

Genetics & DNA Kit
When kids learn about genes and DNA in school most of them think and visualise DNA strands as something that can not be seen with the naked eye (I was the same) and not many schools do DNA extraction experiments so that doesn’t help either. Hovewer this kit lets the kids explore the DNA strands as they extract the strand from a tomato and will be able to actually see it (hands on science rocks). The kit comes with many more visual aids to help kids understand and better learn about genetics and DNA. Pretty sweet.

Personalized Sporting Goods
If you have an sport loving 11 year old in your home a personalized sports equipment will make a great gift for them. Something like this customizable mini hoop which they can have in their room. You can place whatever image or sign on it and make it really cool.

3D Jigsaw
I loved these as a kid and now I love building them together with my cousin. These 3D jigsaws are not only fun to put together they can also be used to teach kids about important landmarks in the USA or around the world plus they will make a great decoration once kids are done putting them together.

DVD’s or BluRay Discs
DVD’s are a popular pick – I’d personally recommend Harry Potter box set if they don’t have it already. A good movie will be a great gift for the whole family (movie nights with popcorn and soda are always fun).

Headphones for The Music Loving 11 Year Old
If you’re looking for a gift for a music fan think headphones (or MP3 player if they don’t have one already). Ludacris Soul along with Beats (much more expensive) are one of the most asked headphones right now so give them a thought. Whatever set you’ll end up getting just make sure the sound quality is high.

A Book Set
If you have a reader at home do get them a book or two even if you are already giving them something else. Kids read less and less so encouraging them to read is always great.
There are quite a few great book series that will make a great gift for this age group and this is one of my favourites.

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