Gifts for 12 Year Olds

Browse through these kid and parent approved picks of gifts for twelve year olds.

So you’ve got a tween at home? They can be quite difficult to shop for as their interests vary greatly from one to another so before you dive into getting that one gift do talk with them about what they want. This list has a lot of things that are “tipically” asked for with this age group and I’ve also made a list of gifts for 12 year old girls and a list of gifts for 12 year old boys with a bit more feminine and boysih picks.

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Let’s Have Some Fun with Toys and Gifts 12 Year Old Should Have

Gift Card for Their Favourite Clothing Store
Pretty much everyone needs clothes but there are 1001 ways to get them the wrong piece of clothing. Best way to get them what they want is to give them a gift card for their favourite clothing store – Forever 21 is one of the popular picks for tweens.

For the Sport Loving Tween
If you’ve got an active kid at home something to do with sports will make them happy. You could go with personalized sporting gear, sports wear or a sports set. My personal favorite is this volleyball and badminton set as it comes with easy to set net so kids can have their own playing field in the backyard or at the local park.

Mobile Phone
If they don’t have it already now would be a great time to start thinking about one. I recommend getting a budget friendly phone and a prepaid one until they can prove that they are responsible enough to handle other phones and plans.

Genetics & DNA Kit
When kids learn about genes and DNA in school most of them think and visualise DNA strands as something that can not be seen with the naked eye (I was the same) and not many schools do DNA extraction experiments so that doesn’t help either. Hovewer this kit lets the kids explore the DNA strands as they extract the strand from a tomato and will be able to actually see it (hands on science rocks). The kit comes with many more visual aids to help kids understand and better learn about genetics and DNA. Pretty sweet.

Board Games
Board games make a great gift (if you like to play them they are also a gift for you hehe as you’ll be able to enjoy a family game night). Risk is one of those games that has a ton of replay value as each game is unique and needs a new strategy. This is a game I’ve spend 100’s of hours playing and can never get enough of.

3D Jigsaw
I loved these as a kid and now I love building them together with my cousin. These 3D jigsaws are not only fun to put together they can also be used to teach kids about important landmarks in the USA or around the world plus they will make a great decoration once kids are done putting them together.

LEEGO Blocks
Thread carefully – not all 12 year olds play with Lego’s but if they do they are going to love a new set. My favorite pick of all Lego sets is this newly released Research Institute set which I think will be welcomed with open hands both by boys and by girls.
Headphones for The Music Loving 12 Year Old
If they love listening to music a new pair of headphones might just be the way to go. Soul by Ludacris are really great as far as sound goes and as they are considered popular by today’s kids they are a great pick. You can also get them Beats headphones by Dre as they are even more popular but also cost quite a bit more.

Art Set or School Supplies
School supplies or an art set is a great and useful gift.

More Gift Ideas for 12 Year Olds

* Books and DVDs
* experience gifts: cooking class, pottery class, horseback riding, mountain hiking…
* personal hygiene gifts – shampoos, lotions, hair products
* video games

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